Vacuum Evaporation System

A vacuum evaporator suitable for concentrating fruit juices and other liquid foods. The equipment should consist of vacuum pan, vapour separation system, condenser, vacuum pump (water seal with silencer), and other necessary accessories and mountings. The complete equipment should be made from SS 304 sheets and sections of appropriate size and thickness. Hemispherical bottom with cylindrical extend shell with top closed. Inner shell and jacket with minimum 3mm thickness. Teflon scrapper with shaft having geared drive unit of 1HP of standard make on top outside. Provided with digital temperature sensor, vacuum gauge, sample valve, sight glass, air vent, vacuum release valve, condensate system (strainer, steam trap, by pass valve), safety valve, pressure gauge, steam supply point, etc.

Framing from SS channel supports. Product inlet and outlet from 1.5 inch SMS union. Manhole for inspection, cleaning, drain provision at bottom, etc.

The unit should be connected to a shell and tube type condenser with fittings for vapour piping, cold water inlet, hot water outlet, vacuum pump of 2 HP with fittings, etc. Other connections from existing cooling tower.

Capacity: 65 Kg/hr. water evaporation per hour.

The system should be complete with all piping's, fittings, valves and other accessories. There should be appropriate control panel for observation of various process parameters.